Sunny Up

a food truck serving egg sandwiches inspired by bad-ass women

Ande Janousek, Owner/Operator


With over 10 years as a Seattle Chef and 20 years in the industry, Ande is used to running the helm in kitchens such as Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, Doe Bay Resort, and Carmelita. The depth of her experience has driven her passion to make quality staple food accessible to all. Ande is stepping off the fine-dining line and onto the curb to mobilize her talents with her debut business.


Tara Zumpano, Operator


Tara is the face in the window and in charge of all things front of the truck. She has years of food and beverage experience, loves serving people and has a passion for sports, art and Italian family traditions. Her biggest accomplishment was growing up with 6 younger brothers; and running a business is in her blood. Tara brings creative drive and east coast enthusiasm to this sunny new venture.